Mighty Retro Zero – Alpha Download

Mighty Retro Zero

Mighty Retro Zero is a fun Megaman inspired minimalistic pixelated action platformer that draws inspiration for it’s levels from a variety of classic arcade games such as Metroid, Bangai-O and Arkanoid.

It’s a high action, high fun game, with fast paced gameplay and a surprisingly extensive move-set – including slides, jet-packs, and throwable spears that double as platforms.  Unsurprisingly for a game inspired by Megaman, Mighty Retro Zero is pretty tough, but the addictive ‘one more go’ nature of the game, fun surprises and catchy theme tune will keep you coming back for more.

As well as the main ‘history’ campaign, there are also a selection of levels based on classic arcade games, such as Arkanoid, Pang and Bangai-O.  These are a blast, and even feature a selection of power-ups from the original games.

Mighty Retro Zero may look simple, but the variety and depth of gameplay is fantastic.  It’s tough, fun and highly addictive – a glorious love letter to retro games (especially Megaman).

Watch a short playthrough of the first level HERE

Download the Mighty Retro Zero Alpha HERE