Mighty Tactical Shooter – Pre-Alpha Demo

mighty tactical shooter

Mighty Tactical Shooter is a an old school 2D arcade shoot-em-up with a major twist – turn based combat.

The combat is a clever system that pauses the game and allows you to visually predict how your shots and movement will play out, allowing you to make it through situations that wouldn’t be possible in a normal shooter.  As well as the standard missiles and lasers, you also have added to some very cool gravity based weaponry, which allows you to bend the paths of bullets to make the enemy shoot themselves.

The turn based combat system allows for plenty of depth, especially when paired with the RPG-like levelling system.  Even though it’s turn based, Mighty Tactical Shooter has a great flow to the combat, and the pixel-art graphical style is excellent.  Imagine Gradious with Fallout 3‘s V.A.T.S. system and a touch of FTL and you’re nearly there.

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Visit the Kickstarter Page & Download the Pre-Alpha Demo HERE

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