Milo and the Magpies – Beta Demo

Milo and the Magpies is a charming hand painted point and click puzzle adventure where you attempt to guide a cat home through a series of back gardens while avoiding the magpies that bully him.

In Milo and the Magpies you follow the journey of Milo, a cute little grey cat who has had to take an alternate route home due to the unwanted attention of a group of magpies. This means that he has to make his way through a series of back gardens, each of which has its own personality and presents different obstacles for the not-so-brave little cat to overcome.

The current build of Milo and the Magpies features two back gardens to make your way through, each of which is essentially a self contained puzzle. You click on objects to experiment and interact with them (a little like the Samorost games) and there are also little puzzles (such as finding the code to unlock a bike chain) that requires a little observation and problem solving.

It’s a delightful little game with gorgeous hand painted artwork, excellent animation and a very chilled out atmosphere. There’s lots of detail in each single-screen garden and helping a cat find its way home is a wonderfully heartwarming and low stakes adventure that’s a perfect antidote for the car crash that’s been 2020. A fine feline adventure that’ll make you purr with delight.

Download The Milo and the Magpies Beta Demo Here (Windows and Mac)