Mind Corruption Bureau – Game Jam Build Download

Mind Corruption Bureau is a fun little easter egg filled puzzle adventure where you work for a shady organisation and carry out experiments on three different subjects.

Drawing inspiration from Resident Evil, Half Life and many other sources, Mind Corruption Bureau is a weird little puzzle adventure set within a top secret research facility. You have three different test subjects, to whom you administer a mysterious serum over the course of a few years (and observe any odd effects it has!)

Figuring out how to create the serum and administer it to the subjects is the puzzle element of Mind Corruption Bureau. You’re presented with an assortment of complex looking equipment and need to experiment with the various levers and buttons to find out what does what.

Fighting out how to work the equipment is a lot of fun and ther lab is packed with lots of great little easter eggs and gags. Once you get the hang of making and administrating the serum then it’s pretty easy, but it’s interesting to see what effects the serum has on the test subjects!

Download Mind Corruption Bureau Here (Windows)