Mind Over Matter – Student Game Download

Mind Over Matter is a lighthearted 2D pixel art puzzle adventure where you switch between three different states as you attempt to escape from a research guarded facility.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Mind Over Matter allows you to switch between a fleshy human form, a slimy blue liquid form and a gaseous form as you try to escape the research facility you’re locked up in. You can switch between each state at the press of a button and each one has their own unique advantages – you can jump and activate switches in your human form, avoid damage and travel through grates in your liquid form and in your gaseous form you can see hidden passages and float up into the air.

It is a little buggy but Mind Over Matter really impresses with its excellent pixel art animation, quirky sense of humor and a fun body-morphing concept. Your shapeshifting abilities are put to good use as you make your way through the facility thanks to the game’s creative puzzle design. See if you can escape!

Download Mind Over Matter Here (Windows)

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  1. I do like some of the stuff that comes out DigiPen .
    Some original and creative ideas always popping up.
    Thanks for the heads-up1

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