Mind Palace – Student Project Download

Mind Palace game

Mind Palace is a beautiful narrative-driven first person puzzler in which you solve puzzles by observing and interpreting your surroundings, as you control an AI in a laboratory that promises it’s customers digital immortality upon their death.

Mind Palace is deliberately designed to focus on observation of clues in the environment and interpretation of what they mean rather than of interacting with objects. In each of it’s puzzles you’re posed with a question, such as ‘what is your name?’ or ‘what are you guilty of?’, and must observe your surroundings for clues then type in the answer via the control terminals.

You are an AI inside a digital program called the Mind Palace, who must learn the memories and personality traits of the customer, so that they are able to be placed in an android body upon the customer’s death and effectively allow them to live forever. This poses some interesting questions about identity and as to weather it’s really the customer that lives on though – is this AI really the embodiment of a human life or just a hollow copy? Either way, Mind Palace is a unique and thought provoking adventure with intelligent puzzle design and a superb audio/visual design. A well crafted mind game well worth checking out.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here (Contains Spoilers)

Download Mind Palace Here (Windows Only)