Mind The Traps – Prototype Download

Mind The Traps

Mind The Traps is a fun multiplayer dungeon crawler with a unique blend of co-operation and betrayal as you bump your friends into traps to clear the way for yourself or just to gain the upper hand.

Your goal in Mind The Traps is to make it to the end of a dungeon filled with deadly traps and obstacles.  To do this you’ll have to work co-operatively with the other players, as you activate switches and defeat enemies.  But you also bounce your ‘friends’ into traps, disarming the traps so that you can pass and collecting any gems they drop in the process.  These gems are important, as although you work together(ish) to reach the end, there can only be one victor (so just make sure its you!!)

Note:  In is possible to play in single player, but Mind The Traps is very much a multiplayer game (Control pads required).

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