Mindful – Alpha Download

Mindful is a beautiful 2D puzzle platforming adventure where the whole world is frozen in time, but your character is surrounded by a bubble that allows objects that enter it to react and move as normal.

In Mindful you take control of a young girl called Maya Mindful as she enters a strange lifeless world that’s devoid of any mystery and imagination. This lack of imagination has caused the entire world to stop, as if frozen in time, but as Maya is an imaginative little girl she creates a little bubble of imagination around her. Any objects that end up within this bubble can move as normal and Maya can even manipulate them in special ways to overcome obstacles.

It’s still early in development and some of the movement of objects isn’t as fluid as it could be (perhaps a second delay until objects refreeze when outside the bubble may help), but it’s a fun puzzle platformer with a unique concept, creative puzzle design and some beautiful artwork. A magical little adventure where you bring a spark of life to a lifeless land.

Download The Mindful Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)