Minds Beneath Us – Beta Demo

Minds Beneath Us is a beautifully animated dark Sci-Fi thriller adventure set in a future where society has become fully automated and the internet is run on linked human brains.

In Minds Beneath Us you follow the story of a data ghost who lives in a man’s head and controls his body. It’s a pretty wild concept, but essentially you are controlling the AI that (dubbed the MBU) has been injected into a host body to carry out a covert mission. However, your functions are limited as you are an older model and the subconscious thoughts of your host are continually breaking through.

Minds Beneath Us plays a little like a classic point and click adventure game or a 2D version of a TellTale adventure. It’s a narrative-driven experience, with a lot of dialogue and your choices during conversations can alter the story. You’ll also need to pay attention to your environment and search for clues that can help you solve puzzles along the way.

The dark Sci-Fi future of Minds Beneath Us is an interesting place with some very clever concepts that should throw up lots of moral quandaries. The artwork and animation is also jaw-droppingly beautiful, looking more akin to a high quality animated movie than a game sometimes. It makes for a very pretty, but deeply cerebral Sci-Fi thriller adventure that’ll make you question the meaning of “self”.

Download The Minds Beneath Us Beta Demo Here (Steam)