MindSeize – Pre-Alpha Demo

MindSeize is a 2D Sci-Fi action platforming metroidvania that sees you taking on the role of a private investigator who uses a robot body to chase dangerous criminal organisations across dangerous unexplored planets.

After the leader of a criminal organisation stole your daughters mind and left you crippled, you use your mind to control a hi-tech robotic body and set out to save your daughter and stop the organisation. Along the way you’ll travel to strange planets, fight powerful enemies, earn upgrades and steal peoples minds.

The Pre-Alpha Demo build of MindSeize sees you exploring a planet after getting a tip from a couple of space-explorers. It features around an hours worth of gameplay, with a large facility to explore, enemies to blast, secrets to discover and two boss fights.

One slight niggle at the moment is that your melee attack uses up energy/stamina which tends to unnecessarily slow down the pace of what would otherwise be a fast paced action platforming experience. It’s still early in development though and already shows a lot of promise. It’s a fun game with stylish 2D visuals, challenging combat and an interesting world to explore. Well worth putting your mind to.
Download The MindSeize Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows)