MineRalph – Beta Demo

MineRalph is an addictive and rage-inducingly tough mouse controlled physics based platformer that sees you using your momentum to make your way through its fiendishly designed levels.

In MineRalph you control Ralph, a big stone boulder creature that you move by clicking in the opposite of where you want to go (so if you want to jump up and to the right you click down and to the left). This control scheme feels a little cumbersome at first, but once you get to grips with it you can control Ralph with a surprising amount of finesse – which is handy as some of the obstacles you encounter look impossible the first time you see them.

The current build of MineRalph features seven large levels to conquer. And while the first few levels aren’t too tough, the difficulty soon ramps up later on. It’s telling that MineRalph doesn’t have a “Quit” button, instead offering you a “Rage Quit” button when you’ve had enough. Every level is possible though, and if you’re among the top 3 times on the in-game high score leaderboard when the game releases then you’ll win a free copy of the full game!

MineRalph is tough, but the physics and control scheme are fun to use and you get a great feeling of achievement when you conquer each impossible looking obstacle. If you’re looking for a challenge you won’t regret rolling with Ralph.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The MineRalph Beta Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)