Mini Metro is a simple, fun and addictive subway planning game, where you’re tasked with drawing routes between stations to minimise commuter congestion.  Things start of easily with only 3 stations, but as time progresses more stations are added, increasing the burden on your network.  You will unlock upgrades as time progresses, but eventually, due to congestion, your network will grind to a halt, all you can do it try and prevent this for as long as possible.

Mini Metro is a simple, easy to learn, addictive game, that actually manages to turn the art of subway planning into a highly enjoyable pastime!

Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Download or Play the Alpha in a Unity Supported browser HERE (Win, Linux & Mac)

1 thought on “MINI METRO, OPEN ALPHA”

  1. Great game! But there is a feature that I don’t like. When making circular lines you can only “modify” line in one direction, not in both, which makes a bit difficult the game sometimes. Otherwise great game!

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