Miniatures – Beta Demo

Miniatures is a surreal hand-animated point and click puzzle game that takes place across a series of short vignettes as it tells four different stories.

In Miniatures you will be presented with a curious wooden box that contains four different objects (a lizard, a moth, a screwdriver and a seashell), each with a different story to tell. The demo allows you to play through some of the screwdriver’s story, and sees it being used to build a troublesome piece of flatpack furniture.

It plays out through a series of short vignettes that require fairly simple interactions (such as clicking on a screwdriver then using it to tighten some screws). These scenes may not always play out how you expect them to though, as it appears there’s something off about the furniture (or maybe your character’s just not good at DIY!)

It’s an intriguing game with a wonderful hand-animated visual style and playful, chilled-out gameplay, and a surreal dream-like quality. Great things come in small packages and Miniatures is no exception.

Download The Miniatures Beta Demo Here (Steam)