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miniLAW game

miniLAW, a game being created by Lasso Games, is an incredible pixel styled platform shooter that puts you into the shoes of a futuristic Robocop/Judge Dredd-style cop that is charged with eliminating all threats in his quadrant.

You play as a synthetic life form, known as a Constable, and your job is to keep the streets clean. Petty thugs, Drug lords and even loiterers aren’t safe from your swift hand of awesome justice. Minilaw makes you feel like a judge from Judge Dread, especially when combat arises you get the choice to even shoot your attackers or beat the living snot out of them until they either surrender or get knocked out.

miniLAW blends the perfect amount of action and story telling to give you a sense of pride and justice as you clean up the streets. The difficult part of the game is working out whether to go in guns blazing and wiping out your targets in a hailstorm of bullets, or risk taking damage by getting up close and personal with them. In some situations the gun is your friend, but when it comes to capturing each target you best be careful not to take him out, otherwise you may miss an important piece of evidence while doing so.

miniLAW is a great little game that will have you smiling from ear to ear as you blast through rooms or punch people’s lights out. The pixel art visuals are beautifully designed with vibrant colours that all meld together in harmony. Add this to the awesome music and small flashes of pixel blood, and you’ve got the best futuristic side scrolling cop game since E-SWAT: Cyber Police!

Check out the miniLAW Steam Greenlight Page Here

Download the miniLAW Alpha Here (Windows Only)