8 thoughts on “Minimum – Beta Sign-Up”

    • Yeah, it looks very cool. I’ve just inserted it into the link on the post, so you should get a few more referrals :)

  1. Thanks a lot, love you guys! Also, will this key provides access to future beta test or we’ll have to wait for a new key (I am registered on playminimum).

    • You’re welcome! Atari haven’t announced if you’ll automatically get into the future Beta tests, but we’d hope so. What’s your playminimum referral link? We’ll insert it into the link in post for a while if you like to get you some more referrals.

      • Hey! My referral link is this one:
        I played a little bit of the game, I am level 3. The game is really really fun.
        I think they might need to nerf some weapons, other than that, it’s a blast!

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