Ministry of Synthesis – Game Jam Build Download

Ministry of Synthesis Game Download

Ministry of Synthesis is a very tricky puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 39, that has you manipulating oscillating power waves to unlock doors!

In Ministry of Synthesis you are exploring the inside of an ancient reactor that has been shut down due to a meltdown. All of the systems are now backup, but only for an hour. You must navigate your way through the old security systems inside this reactor before it completely shuts down. There are many locked doors in this reactor, which can only be opened by inserting the correct power waveform.

You can create these power waveforms by using components that produce different patterns os power waves and connecting them to modules that combine them. Your oscilloscope will allow you to see the desired waveform to get of the room, as well as any of the waves that you have to place together. Connecting two waveforms to a combining module mixes them together to create a new waveform. Once you have made the wave look exactly like the desired wave to open the door, you are able to power that door and go through.

Ministry of Synthesis makes for a very different type of puzzle game. You must really pay attention to the modules and arcs of the waves you are inserting. Once you start playing the game, you will start to understand how the different waves affect each other and hopefully you will be able to get out of this reactor before the time limit expires – it’s not going to be easy though!

Tip: The combination modules marked ‘+’ and ‘x’ both combine the waveforms differently.

Download Ministry of Synthesis Here (Windows & Linux)