Miniverse – Game Jam Build

Miniverse game

Miniverse is a fun turn based interplanetary combat game in which you pilot a little planet around the galaxy, collecting and crafting weaponry that can be used to battle tiny Gods who live on little worlds.

Set ‘somewhere between deep cosmic galaxies and the vast open crevices of your couch’, in Miniverse you control a little God who battles other Gods using everyday trash, such as discarded coins, glass and rubber ducks. You start off with a very weak arsenal, but as you travel the galaxy you’ll be able to collect and craft more powerful items to use in combat.

When you come up against another God, you start a battle in which there are three lanes to place your items. There’s a Rock Paper Scissors-esque element to the battles, with some weapons counteracting other ones, but also you’re able to craft or find more powerful items such as skulls or gems that can do some serious devastation.

When you defeat a God, they’ll often give you a weapon and depart some knowledge about crafting new ones. Once you defeat all the Gods, you’ll be proclaimed the Mightiest Mini, but there are still some powerful Gods out there and you can search for items to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Miniverse impresses with its lighthearted and addictive blend of space exploration, crafting, junk collecting and strategic turn based combat. An odd, but very enjoyable bit of mini-planetary warfare.

Note: If you look carefully at the pointers that surround your planet they point in the direction the Gods and the Crafting Station are. But there are also more Gods to do battle with out there and lots of debris/weaponry to find hidden in the galaxy.

Play Miniverse Here (Browser)