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Minotaur is a fantastic blend of point and click adventure gameplay and high quality visual novel aesthetics with gorgeous artwork, inventive puzzles, humor, five playable characters, multiple endings and rich sci-fi narrative that revolves around nine people who find themselves trapped in their own home.

Minotaur draws inspiration from modern visual novel adventures such as Zero Escape and Danganronpa, as well as classic Lucasarts and Sierra point and click adventures. It’s set in a futuristic tower block and revolves around nine characters, five of which are playable, who find themselves trapped there by what at first appears to be an accident, but later appears to be by someone’s design. To stand any chance of escape you’ll need to explore, solve puzzles, complete timed sequenced and even battle bosses as you make your way to the games four possible endings.

The Minotaur Beta Demo offers around an hours worth of gameplay and is a captivating experience from start to finish. Crucially, the characters are interesting and likeable, with the high quality artwork, witty dialogue and full voice acting doing wonders to draw you into their story. It’s an interesting story too, set in the rich lore of a science fantasy universe called The Universe of Seven – where multiple games, books and board games are planned to be set (you can find out more about it here).

The sci-fi fantasy world of Minotaur looks absolutely gorgeous, with highly detailed animated backgrounds that really help build an authentic feeling environment. It easily has some of the best looking visual novel-style aesthetics we’ve ever seen and manages to back it up with engaging point and click style gameplay, with inventive puzzles and lots of clues to be found hidden in the environments.

Minotaur manages to combine the very best parts of the visual novel and point and click adventure genres, with beautiful hand drawn artwork, a compelling narrative, rich lore, interesting characters and clever puzzle design. Whether you’re looking for a visual novel with a bit more gameplay or a point and click adventure with a bit more narrative you won’t regret locking horns with Minotaur.

Note: If you get stuck at any point, just check out this official spoiler free walkthrough

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