Minotaur – Game Jam Build Download

Minotaur is a stylish and creepy little tilt-ball labyrinth game where you attempt to guide a ball through a labyrinth where a minotaur gets enraged and shakes the labyrinth whenever you cheat.

Minotaur is essentially a digital version of one of those ball rolling labyrinth puzzles you played with as a kid. It is, however, a very tough one though and it gets angry at you if you cheat! The aim of the game is to tilt the labyrinth to guide the ball around the course that’s marked on it. However, there are lots of little (and large) short-cuts you can take to significantly shorten your journey. If you do this through a Minotaur will shake the entire table and increase your chances of dropping down a hole. Will you go the long way or will you risk enraging the minotaur?

It’s a VERY tough game that requires precision and patience when guiding your ball around the labyrinth (particularly if you’re going the long way). It would be nice if you could zoom in a little, but it’s a fun game with a great visual aesthetic and a real sense of tension as you tackle the labyrinth.

Download Minotaur Here (Windows)