Minute of Islands – Beta Demo

Minute of Islands is a beautiful and horrifying narrative-driven puzzle adventure set in a toxic world, once ruled by giants, but now on the brink of collapse.

In Minute of Islands you follow the adventure of Mo, a skilled mechanic who wields a powerful tool called the Omni Switch, which she uses to keep the ancient sub-surface machinery running that makes the outside world inhabitable. The machinery was built and operated by a race of giants who lived in a prosperous land, but now the machinery is in disrepair and a toxic fungal spore infects the air. You set out to repair the machines, but along the way you’ll discover the dark truth hidden in the underbelly of the land.

As you explore you’ll solve environmental puzzles, discover secrets, meet interesting characters and learn more about the lore of the once prosperous land. It’s a fascinating place, filled with wondrous sights and great bits of environmental storytelling. As you explore the story is expertly narrated and the artwork is nothing short of stunning.

The current build of Minute of Islands takes around 45 minutes to play through and it’s an incredibly beautiful, but also surprisingly dark and unsettling experience. The vibrant colors and stylish cartoony visuals belie a real darkness in the world – a darkness that you and your people may have brought on yourselves as you exploited the power of the giants and their machines. It seems that maybe you’re not the hero in this story, but perhaps you can set things right. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Minute of Islands Beta Demo Here (Steam)