Mirror Layers – Beta Demo

Mirror Layers is a very inventive social horror puzzle game which you play in single-player, but get assistance from other players online via a mysterious desktop computer.

In Mirror Layers you find yourself locked inside a mysterious apartment block and must figure out its secrets as you try to escape. To do this you’ll need to survive the monsters that lurk in the Mirror – a dark and distorted reality that’s been tainted by tragedy.

In the demo build of Mirror Layers you won’t enter the Mirror (so you’re safe from any monsters), but you will need to solve puzzles to escape from a strange apartment you’re locked in. To do this you need to explore, search for clues and solve puzzles (a little like a traditional room escape game), but there is one major difference – you have access to a computer that you can use to share messages with other players in a chat forum.

The computer is your only interaction with other players and it’s an invaluable tool in playing the game. Not only can you chat with others to get clues, you can also scan certain objects into the computer and share them with others to help them. They can then download the object and manifest them through a magic mirror (held by a statue with rather pronounced boobs) and use them over on their side of the game.

It’s a very inventive take on social gaming that allows you to seek assistance from others when needed while still allowing you to explore the game and play through it at your own pace. It’ll be interesting to see how the horror elements manifest in the full game as the trailer looks genuinely terrifying, with quite a different atmosphere from the mildly creepy demo. The horror’s really going to ramp up when you enter the Mirror!

Download The Mirror Layers Beta Demo Here (Steam)