Mirrorism – Game Jam Build Download

Mirrorism is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer where you can slide a mirror across each level, allowing you to reflect structures and allow you to reach the exit.

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Mirrorism your goal is to reach the exit of 10 single screen levels. You can’t jump, but you can climb up single blocks like steps and each level has a nifty wraparound feature so if you walk/drop out one side, you’ll appear at the other.

Your most useful ability is being able to shift a mirror across the screen though. As you do this parts of the level are mirrored on the right hand side, allowing you to transform the level and create a path to the exit.

It doesn’t take long to play through Mirrorism’s 10 short levels, but it’s a lot of fun figuring them out. Each level is very well designed and the mirroring mechanics are very inventive. A great little bite-sized puzzle platformer that would be perfect for expanding on.

Download Mirrorism Here (Windows)