MiSide – Beta Demo

MiSide is an inventive horror adventure where your waifu virtual pet sucks you into her world.

Currently in development by Aihasto (creator of Umfend and Fariwalk), in MiSide your character is playing a mobile game with his own personal waifu. You can do chores, play minigames to earn cash and purchase things for your waifu. But one day she invites you into her world and things take on a whole new dimension (literally).

It’s a fantastic concept that the developers have executed expertly. The writing is clever, there are lots of great little touches and the house looks exactly like what you’d expect a mobile game waifu to live in. And even though it’s likely your waifu will turn out to be a psycho, she’s very endearing and full of personality. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The MiSide Beta Demo Here (Windows)