Miss Turners Magical Pet Swap Shop – Game Jam Build

miss turners magical pet

Miss Turners Magical Pet Swap Shop is a great little game in which you reshape animals for their owners changing pugs into giraffes, mice into bears and all manner of other odd requests.

Reshaping the animals in is pretty easy once you get the hang of it – simply click on the desired body part and move the mouse to alter its shape, and select a color from the palate. Once you think you’ve transformed the animal successfully you then click ‘submit’, at which point you’ll get a rating or (more likely) the customer will tell you what you’ve done wrong and ask you to fix it.

It’s a fun game, full of animal re-shaping silliness. Who’d of thought it’s be so easy to turn a donkey into a sausage dog?

Play Miss Turners Magical Pet Swap Shop Here (Browser)