Misshapen – Prototype Download

Misshapen is a very weird little PS1 styled first person horror shooter where instead of killing your enemies, you cover them in large bulbous growths until they can no longer move.

The current build of Misshapen was created for the 7DFPS jam and features one darkness enshrouded level where your goal is to find and collect five cubes. However, as you explore the level in search of the cubes you’re chased by freaky enemies that look like crash-test dummies and behave like zombies.

You don’t have a gun but you can use your powers to cause uncontrolled cellular growth in your enemies. This causes large physical tumor-like growths to sprout out of them, severely impeding their movement and allowing you to escape. Rather than appearing in predefined areas of you enemies’ bodies the growths will appear in whichever specific area you target.

The enemy movement is physics based and no matter how many growths they have they still try to chase you. This can lead to a small horde of grotesque looking abominations slowly shuffling towards you, falling over or wriggling on the floor.

The gameplay in the current build of Misshapen is very simple and the visuals are very crude but it’s great fun playing around with your cellular growth powers and the way you get the final cube is pretty clever. A wonderfully weird experimental horror game that will really grow on you.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Misshapen Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)