Mist Hunter – Alpha Demo

Mist Hunter is an incredibly fast paced first person shooter with fluid character movement and a nice selection of magic-based weapons that you use to take out hordes of freaky monsters.

The full game of Mist Hunter will feature a selection of different game modes and a campaign that sees you travelling across the universe to battle an evil warlock and his evil minions. The current alpha demo build offers a small taster of this, giving you access to a very intense horde mode level that sees you attempting to survive attacks from endless waves of monsters. You have access to your different weapons and one special ability, and you earn XP throughout the match that you can use to unlock new perks as you play.

It’s still very early in development, with plenty of placeholders and W.I.P. stuff, but even in this current form the core gameplay of Mist Hunter is very impressive. The character movement is fast and fluid, the art style is excellent, the weapons are fun to use and the relentless attacks of the monster hordes makes for a very intense experience. It’s a tough game, you’ll struggle to survive more than a few minutes, but during those few minutes you survive for you feel lile a monster blasting badass.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mist Hunter Alpha Demo Here (Windows)