MISTfortune – Game Jam Build Download

MISTfortune is a tense little low poly first person Sci-Fi horror adventure in which you attempt to evade an evil steam monster that has invaded your ship.

In MISTfortune you play the last surviving crewmember of the USS Fortune, after a strange steam-based alien life form has invaded and wiped out everyone else in your ship. You must now flee for your life, searching for hidden escape routes and squeezing past obstructions as the life form relentlessly pursues you.

MISTfortune is a fairly simple game that can be completed in under five minutes, but the quality of the voicework and deep sense of dread in the atmosphere makes it well worth checking out. We’d love to see it expanded on in the future as it’s a very promising premise and the alien life form is very intriguing. Sinister steamy Sci-Fi horror not to be mist!

Note: It is possible to pass the pile of tables and chairs in the third area. If you get stuck, just check out the walkthrough video here.

Download MISTfortune Here (Windows & Mac)