Mizi NO! – Beta Demo

Mizi NO! is a charming little puzzle game where you attempt to repair all of the fragile objects that your cat has knocked over.

In Mizi NO! you are a cat owner whose cat loves nothing more than knocking things off tables (like most cats really). After watching your cat have fun knocking off each object, you are then presented with the pieces and have to reassemble them, like a jigsaw. Things start off fairly easy, but it’s not long until larger objects with many more pieces are introduced.

The core gameplay in Mizi NO! is pretty much a fairly simple jigsaw style puzzle game, but it’s very addictive and the premise is very charming. Plus the way the cat knocks each object over before you assemble it is adorable. Check it out now to experience the joys of being a cat owner!

Download The Mizi NO! Beta Demo Here (Steam)