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Mobsferatu, a 3D two button platformer made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you gathering a mob and scaling a tower to take on Nosferatu!

You are the leader of a mob looking to run Nosferatu out of his tower. As you climb through the tower, you are able to jump to higher floors and get closer to the top. Villagers are trapped all throughout this tower by Nosferatu herself. Walking by these tied up people will unite them and allow them to follow in your angry mob. Make sure you keep these followers close as they are able to get lost if you run away from them.

This tower has many traps and tricks; pools of lava, spiked logs, and walls can kill off members of your group or even yourself. As you are running along this tower, you must do your best to avoid these traps. You can jump over most, sometimes needing to dash in air. Walls with spikes must be avoided by turning around and going back the way you came. However, you can overcome spike walls if you have enough followers to sacrifice.  As you get closer to the top of the tower, the music becomes more intense, letting you know you are close – will you be able to take down Nosferatu?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Mobsferatu Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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