Moderator – GameJam Build


Have you ever wanted to become the God of the internet, where it is your job to remove all of the trolls and haters?

Well, that is exactly what your aim is in the game Moderator.  Made for the Indies vs Pewdiepie jam, it puts you into the role of a God of the internet. People, standing on their social platform of choice, write comments that are going to be sent out to other users of the internet. You must sort through comments like “If I had a face like yours, I’d kiss myself in the mirror everyday” and “I have met some pricks in my day, but you sir are a cactus”, finding out which ones are negative and need to be stopped. If a comment is negative, the player must click the person typing that comment about three times to remove the comment before it is sent.

Some of these comments come in parts, having a bit of a sentence typed out, then the rest is typed a bit later. For example, “You’re pretty…” could end one of three ways. That partal comment might stay in a person’s comment bubble for a few seconds, making the player move on to another comment while waiting. Once the full comment is typed out, a small timer shows up on the top of the bubble. This timer shows how long it takes to send that comment out into the internet. If the timer runs out on a negative message, the message is sent out and the player uses a life. The player can also lose a life if they stop a positive comment from going out. After the loss of three lives the game is over.

Guarding the internet from haters is quite the job in this fast paced blend of time management game and a simple clicker. Are you able to get rid of all the trolls?

Play Moderator in a Unity Supported Browser HERE