Modlands – Alpha Download

Modlands is a charming colony building game with easily accessible gameplay, stylish voxel based visuals and innovative Twitch support that allows viewers to become your colonists and play along cooperatively or competitively via chat.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last June, Modlands sees you taking control of a little colony of cute little blocky characters and helping them harvest resources, explore, craft, build and fend off enemies. The core gameplay is easy to pick up and play, with you simply selecting your colonists and giving them individual roles (such as mining, chopping wood or crafting), then deciding what to do with the stuff they create. You can buy and sell items, build structures and even construct massive production lines from machinery. At night monsters will attack, so you’ll need to make sure your colonists are tucked up in their houses, safe from harm.

The whole game can be played offline in single player and is still great fun, but it also features some very clever Twitch integration that can be transform the experience. By typing commands in Twitch chat, audience members can create, customize, and control their own individual characters, while the streamer builds a world around them. There are different ways of playing too, with a co-op survival mode that sees the streamer and the audience surviving against mobs, a pacifist creative/social mode and competitive modes with factions doing battle or an all out last one standing battle royale.

It’s a fun game with charming voxel based visuals, addictive colony building gameplay Twitch integration that gives you a real sense of community. Building a civilisation is so much more fun when your colonists are real people!

Purchase The Full Alpha or Download The Free Shareware Demo Build Here (Windows)