Modular Destruction Labs – Game Jam Build

Modular Destruction labs game download

Modular Destruction Labs, a physics based robot building game made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you designing an energy efficient robot to make it through a lab, bashing into things and bumping off the occasional scientist!

For each level of Modular Destruction Labs, you are shown a room in the laboratory you are creating a robot in. These rooms have different obstacles to overcome, such as boxes to push onto buttons, desks and computers in the way, and other scientists observing. You must design your robot in the best way possible to make it through the room, so that you don’t run out of battery.

There are a bunch of different modules that you can attach to your robot base to make it useful in each situation. Some are for movement, some for damage control, others are to grab metal and shrink things! Once you have built a robot, you can test it out to see how well it moves, then take on the level. You must make it to the end with as little damage as possible but also while keeping an eye on your robot’s battery life.

Modular Destruction Labs is a super fun game to play – creating robots is easy, allowing you to build a fully functioning robot in just a few seconds. The floating modules and wonderfully clumsy control scheme is great fun too – it can make navigating the levels quite tricky, so you may ‘accidentally’ kill a few humans on the way through too!

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Play Modular Destruction Labs Here (Browser)