Möira – Alpha Demo

Moira game

Möira, a game being created by Onagro Studios, is an impressive retro wizardy action platformer in which you can mimic and combine other peoples spells with some very nifty results.

You play as Rubick, a young man learning to become a powerful wizard. Under the guidance of his master, Zeppeli, Rubick learns the ability to mimic other peoples spells for his own use. Impressed by this Zeppeli makes Rubick his apprentice and his studying begins. Months later Zeppeli simply vanishes, with no trace or clues left behind as to his whereabouts. Rubick must muster his courage and treck forth into an unforgiving land full of living armour, spell casters and deadly monsters that will stop at nothing to keep Zeppeli’s location a secret. With his trusted wand in hand, Rubick sets forth on what could be his most EPIC adventure EVER!

Onagro Studios have outdone themselves with Möira – an extremely fun, addictive action platformer full of nostalgia, but also ful of innovation. The graphic stylings of the game just add more emphasis to the game as a whole, although lacking colour it feels as if you’re back in the 80’s play Castlevania for the very first time. The music is excellent and the Castle of Confusion (the first massive level of the game) is a joy to explore and filled with fun surprises.

Möira, like most Metroivania styled games, features an extensive upgrade system. You’ll find larger potions that will increase you maximum health or the maximum amount of mana you have on hand. It also features an awesome spellcasting feature which allows you combine spells to create new ones which can be used to solve puzzles or aid your combat.

Möira is a fantastic throw back to games and really is a joy to play – a wonderful retro Metroidvania that will cast a spell on you.

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Download the Möira Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac and Linux)