MOJOJO – Game Jam Build

MOJOJO is a super cheerful and very weird little adventure that makes you smile from start to finish as you take part in a series of strange battles to build up your Mojo.

In MOJOJO you take on the role of Jojo, a young boy who needs to build up his mojo so he can get into the Discomojo nightclub. To do this you’ll need to complete four unique turn-based RPG-style battles against some very odd opponents. Some battles are very easy and some are quite tricky, but through it all your best friend Haru is by your side.

The gameplay in MOJOJO is fairly shallow, but what makes is a must play is the quirky characters, adorable visual design and the infectious audio. A super silly and super cheerful little adventure that’s guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

Play MOJOJO Here (Browser)