Momentum – Alpha Demo

Momentum is a highly challenging physics based ball-rolling platformer where you tilt the levels to guide your ball through increasingly tricky levels across beautiful and tranquil environments.

Gameplay will be fairly familiar to anyone who’s played any of the Super Monkey Ball series, but where SMB has an anarchic atmosphere that escalates tension and frustration, Momentum‘s audio & visuals guve off a wonderfully relaxed zen-like vibe.  This means that even after you fall off at the same point for the 10th time in a row, frustration doesn’t get the better of you.  You simply carry on at a speed your comfortable with and eventually conquer that troublesome corner.

Once you’ve mastered your ball rolling skills you can then go for faster times – the jump button comes in handy here, allowing you to skip large sections of tracks if you’re skillful (or lucky) enough. The Alpha Demo features the first 16 deviously designed tracks, while the full game will fature around 100 across 3 worlds and a variety of fun unlockable skins.

With it’s blend of challenging precision ball-rolling and it’s chilled-out, zen-like atmosphere, Momentum offers up a unique mix of frustration and relaxation that’ll really get your ball rolling.

Check out the Momentum Greenlight page HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE

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