Momentum – Student Game Download

Momentum is a stylish Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure where you where you manipulate the time phases of different objects to make your way through a mysterious temple and stop the time continuum from falling apart.

Created by students at FutureGames, Momentum takes place in a future where humanity has figured out how to harvest time from different timelines. Unfortunately this has caused the time continuum to start collapsing, which will end all life (and time) as we know it. You are the last survivor and must make your way through the temple and open the time vault where all the harvested time is stored, returning the time to its rightful place and saving the universe in the process.

You have a time manipulation device that allows you to restore and remove time energy from certain platforms, structures and mechanisms. You can use this ability to hemp make your way through the temple, but you only have a limited amount of energy, so you need to prioritize which objects you want to activate (or deactivate).

It takes around 15 minutes to play through Momentum and it impresses with its beautiful visuals, striking architecture and fun gameplay that offers a nice mix of platforming and puzzle solving. A quick and slick time-bending puzzle platforming adventure well worth taking some time out for.

Download Momentum Here (Windows)