Mongrel – Alpha Demo

Mongrel is a funny pixel art action platforming adventure where you control a frog man who sets out to save his land from a mad man and his army of poop monsters.

In Mongrel you control finch, a frog man who lives in the whimsical fantasy land of Yonder. It’s a joyful place, but one day a maniacal mad man called Fregooson finds a powerful relic that gives him a powerful army of poop monsters that he’s going to use to conquer the world – unless a certain frog can stop him!

The current build of Mongrel features one large level and a boss fight, taking around 20 minutes to play through. The pixel art animation is excellent and your character is pretty nimble – capable of running at speed, double jumping, 360 degree shooting, roll-dodging and being able to use his tongue to latch and swing from anchor points.

There are a couple of issues that can frustrate in the current build (checkpoint positioning and the hitbox for the tongue anchor points being a little too small), but on the whole Mongrel is blast. Your froggy hero is fast and responsive, the level design is challenging and it has a healthy dose of silly toilet humor. A fun froggy action platforming adventure well worth hopping on.

Follow The Development of Mongrel Here (Kickstarter Coming Soon)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mongrel Alpha Demo Here (Windows)