Monkey King Online – Open Beta

monkey king online

Monkey King Online is a free-to-play MMORPG inspired by the Chinese epic Journey to the West. Players choose one of four ancient heroes, including the rebellious Monkey King himself, and embark on a quest to bring peace to a broken world.

Real-time combat is enhanced by the ability to ‘Invoke the Imortals’ during battle, turning your character into a powerful deity.  Monkey King Online can be enjoyed solo, but features a host of robust multiplayer modes, including team dungeons, PvP combat, competitive Arena play, and territorial Guild versus Guild battles.

It’s a good looking game with a rather silly storyline, vibrant characters and the interesting ability to transform into powerful deities during battle.  New deities (immortals) are added each month, so should help to keep the gameplay fresh.

Watch the official trailer HERE

Join in the Beta HERE