MONOBOT – Beta Demo

MONOBOT is a beautiful and atmospheric Limbo/Inside-esque physics-based puzzle platforming adventure where a robot with a modularized body makes their way through a slumbering world that’s overrun with hostile robots

In MONOBOT you take control of a cute little robot who may hold the future of the human race in their hands. The game takes place on a distant planet that the human race hopes to make their home after escaping from an alien race that enslaved them. The humans are currently hibernating, but you have just been activated and must now make a perilous journey to save them from an impending disaster.

The physics-based puzzle platforming gameplay in MONOBOT is similar to Limbo and Inside, with you solving puzzles, using stealth and avoiding deadly hazards along the way. You start off with only very basic abilities and can’t even jump, but having a modular body has its advantages – new parts can be added to you to give you new abilities (magnetism and teleportation in the current build), which can aid your progress (and help you avoid the deadly robots that patrol the world).

The current build of MONOBOT takes around 45 minutes to play through and really impresses with it’s beautiful visuals, great sense of atmosphere and inventive puzzle design. There are some major frustrations though – the precision required for some puzzles/jumps seems a little unfair and there’s one rope swinging jump that’s absolutely infuriating. It’s still in development so hopefully these issues are ironed out as it’s shaping up to be an excellent game otherwise. A brave little robot on a big adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The MONOBOT Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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