Monolith – Alpha Demo


Monoltith is a superb procedurally generated roguelike shoot-em-up that plays like the beautiful bastard child of The Binding of Isaac and a Treasure bullet hell shooter.

The game structure in Monolith is very reminiscent of Binding of Isaac, with you navigating your way through a maze of randomly generated kill rooms, battling enemies, discovering secrets, earning stackable upgrades and battling huge bosses. The bullet hell shoot-em-up style gameplay lends itself well to the roguelike dungeon crawling levels and it makes for a very addictive experience.

The current build of Monolith features the first two floors, lots of cool upgrades, lots of different enemies to blast and some very tough bosses to battle. You’ll need some serious skill to reach the end of the second floor, and as in Isaac, each run is completely different so there’s plenty of replayability. Well worth checking out for some hardcore bullet hell roguelike action.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available