Monolith – Beta Demo

Monolith is a Sci-Fi point and click adventure where a space explorer tries to survive and make sense of a mysterious planet she crash lands on.

In Monolith you follow the adventure of Tessa Carter – a space explorer who works for an intergalactic mining operation. You wake up in your cryochamber after a catastrophic crash leaves you stranded and alone on a strange alien planet with only a small analysis robot to aid you. You will explore the planet, search for useful objects, solve puzzles across 50 beautiful hand-drawn locations.

The Monolith demo features a sizeable chink of gameplay and follows the start of Tessa’s adventure. The voice acting is good, but there’s a little too much of it at the moment and the dialogue’s a little dry. Other than that though it’s a very promising game with beautiful visuals, intuitive puzzle design and an interesting story. An epic Sci-Fi adventure with a nice blend of classic point and click gameplay and stylish modern visuals.

Download The Monolith Beta Demo Here (Steam)