MONOMYTH – Kickstarter Demo

MONOMYTH is a first person dungeon crawling RPG adventure that draws inspiration from Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis and the King’s Field series as you set out to vanquish the evil that lurks below an ancient fortress city.

In MONOMYTH your father (the King) sent your brother on a quest to a fortress city that has fallen to evil. Hidden deep within the ruins of the castle it’s said that there’s a primeval seed that could revive your dying world. However, your brother has not been heard of for some time now, so you set forth to see if you can be of any aid.

The gameplay in MONOMYTH feels a little like classic grid-based Eye of the Beholder/Legend of Grimrock style dungeon crawlers, with deliberate stat-driven combat that uses spells, skills and weapons. However, There’s no grid-based movement, you can move around the world freely as in the King’s Field games.

It’s an impressive take on the classic dungeon crawler genre, with highly detailed environments, deep RPG systems and satisfyingly tactical combat. You need to think before you act and there are often plenty of different options available to you as you descend to the depths of the fortress.

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