Monosight – Game Jam Build

Monosight is an odd little first person puzzler where you are a cyclops who has to switch between the red and cyan lenses of a set of 3D glasses so that it can see and traverse the game world.

In Monosight you take on the role of a cyclops who has entered a strange test chamber that can only be seen properly via a set of old school Red/Cyan 3D glasses. Unfortunately, due to the fact that you’re a cyclops and only have one eye, you can only see out of one lens of the 3D glasses at a time, so you’ll need to alternate between the two to try and make sense of the game world.

It was created in just 12 hours, so it’s a pretty short game, but it’s an interesting experience trying to make your way through the game world. It can be quite tricky at times – not only do you need to make sure you have the correct colored lens in, but you also find a good viewing angle to make out platforms, holes and doors against the monochrome backgrounds. Life’s not easy being a cyclops!

Download Monosight Here (Windows)