Monster-Phobia – Prototype Download

Monster-Phobia is a fun little Binding of Isaac-esque roguelike dungeon crawler where you blast hordes of monsters and earn stackable upgrades after each room.

In Monster-Phobia you attempt to escape from a nightmarish dungeon filled with grotesque NPCs and deadly monsters. You control your character much like in The Binding of Isaac, moving with WASD and aiming with the arrow keys, but also able to use a dash ability and activate an area-of-effect blast attack.

As you fight your way through the dungeon you alternate between rooms filled with enemies and rooms containing NPCs, upgrades and cash. The NPC’s are all quite strange and will chat a little then offer you a choice of three stackable upgrades related to their personality. This allows you to upgrade your abilities pretty quickly as you make your way through the dungeon towards your fight with the final boss.

It’s a tough game, but once you figure out what builds to go for then it gets a lot easier (Greed’s Butterball and Hoarder upgrades are particularly useful). The pixel artwork is excellent, the soundtrack is great, there’s a nice selection of monsters to deal with and it’s got an addictive loop of combat and upgrades. See if you can escape your worst nightmares!

Download the Monster-Phobia Prototype Here (Windows)