MonsterBall League – Student Project Download

MonsterBall League

MonsterBall League is a fun 2 vs 2 sport game with a big twist – the ball can get mad, transform and go on a rampage, throwing players into their own goal!

The aim in MonsterBall League is to score more goals than your opponent by throwing the ball into their net.  The only problem is that the ‘ball’ is a tiny monster who doesn’t take too kindly to being roughed up, and has episodic bouts of homicidal rage – transforming into a large monster and throwing players into their own net.

You’ll need four players and four controllers to play the current build, but if you can sort out the logistical issues MonsterBall League is a blast.  The panic that spreads when the ball transforms makes for some thoroughly enjoyable local multiplayer gameplay.  You’ll have a ball with MonsterBall League.

Download MonsterBall League HERE (Windows Only)