Monstrum 2 – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2,000 Steam Beta Keys to give away for Monstrum 2, a tense objective-based asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer survival horror game where prisoners attempt to escape from a decaying oceanic research facility while being stalked by terrifying monsters.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, in Monstrum 2 a team of up to four players has to use stealth and teamwork as they solve puzzles, complete objectives and attempt to escape from a vast procedurally generated offshore facility. The facility is a labyrinthine metal monstrosity that is home to some particularly nasty monstrosities that hunt the prisoners as they play.

The current Monstrum 2 Beta build features two playable monsters – The Brute and The Bhagra. The Brute is a big hulking beast that’s slow, but powerful and capable of letting out a roar to locate players and doing an awesome running charge attack that won’t stop until you hit something. The Bhagra on the other hand is a little more like an Aliens style Xenomorph – fast, agile, able to crawl along ceilings and able to pounce over large distances.

The Prisoner’s have a three stage escape plan – first they need to activate 10 switches that are scattered around the facility (which requires inserting a fuse and finding hidden codes), then they either have to refuel a helicopter or hoist a submersible into position (depending on what the chosen escape route is), then the game enters sudden death mode as the prisoners make a break for the helicopter or submarine to make their escape. It’s a complex escape plan that requires a good mixture of stealth, puzzle solving, teamwork and running for your life, and the procedurally generated level design means that each one is different.

It could do a little better with signposting what buildings the current objectives are in and it would be nice to have a key assigned for locating your teammates, but it’s a very promising game that delivers an engaging and interesting take on asymmetric multiplayer horror. The various objectives are well thought out and add a lot of variety to the experience and the monsters are both terrifying and a lot of fun to play as. To claim your Monstrum 2 Steam Beta key just carry out any two actions in the widget below and your key will appear instantly. Please note that the closed Beta doesn’t launch until August 21st so you won’t be able to play it until then.

You Can Check Out a Monstrum 2 Gameplay Video Here

Monstrum 2 – Steam Beta Key Giveaway