Monterona – Beta Demo

Monterona is a wholesome little diorama creation game where you build and decorate streets to create scenes from your grandmother’s stories.

In Monterona there’s no score or pressure but there is an objective – you read your Italian grandmother’s stories and try to recreate the scenes in them. As in Tiny Glade, you have a limited selection of tools that allow for a lot of variety due to their context-sensitive utilization (so for instance, if you place a tree atop a table, it becomes a pot plant). Once you’ve created your scene, you can then share it and see other players‘ interpretations of the story.

It’s a wonderfully chilled out game that has very easy and organic building tools that allow you to create all manner of idyllic street scenes. The story aspect is a nice touch too and it will be interesting to see other players‘ scenes in the full game too.

Download The Monterona Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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