MOODFOOD – Game Jam Build

MOODFOOD is a fast paced arena shooter where the enemies are the least of your worries – the arena is trying to kill you too!

In MOODFOOD you must fight for your life in a deadly cyberpit for the entertainment of “The Governess”. You’ll have to fend off lots of the her pets, coming in the form of cannon-welding cybermen, glitchy ghosts that screw up your vision and little spider robots that scuttle about on the floor.

The Governess’s pets aren’t the most dangerous thing in the arena though, it’s the arena itself. Above you are massive Tom Droppers that drop into the arena ans crush anything standing in their way. This can be handy sometimes as they will squash your enemies, but if you’re careless and stand in the wrong spot then you’ll end up crushed into a bloody pulp.

As the Tom Droppers drop they start to fill the arena, which can provide cover from enemy fire, but can also impede your movement. Thankfully though you can charge up your right fist and do a powerful dashing attack which smashes through anything in your way (You can also shoot to destroy the TomDroppers but it takes a while).

Your gun doesn’t feel as fun to use as the likes of Doom as, it feels a little muted and underpowered, but MOODFOOD is still great fun. The action is fast, frantic and very tough, taking some real skill to stay alive longer than a minute. See how long you can survive in this addictive arena shooter where the arena is actively trying to kill you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download MOODFOOD Here (Windows)