Moon River – Alpha Demo


Moon River is a breathtakingly beautiful puzzle adventure in which you teleport between the edges of the screen to make your way through the gorgeous Journey-esque landscape.

Moon River starts with no instructions or backstory, you’re simply placed in a strange labyrinthine temple and must experiment with your edge-of-screen teleporting abilities to make your way out. It soon becomes apparent you must make your way through the world by standing on one glowing symbol at a time, and your teleporting skills prove useful in a variety of inventive ways as you progress.

Although the gameplay is quite different, there’s a distinct Journey-esque vibe to the artwork and atmosphere in Moon River – it’s a beautiful and serene place to explore, that seems to pulse with a powerful ancient magic. By the end of the Alpha Demo build, you’ll be dying to explore more and discover more about Moon River’s entrancing world. It’s shaping up to be a perfect little peaceful puzzle adventure. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Moon River Gameplay Video Here

Download The Moon River Alpha Here