Moon Stealers – Game Jam Build Download

Moon Stealers is a platforming puzzle game where your progression will literally make the game more challenging.

Made for the GM48 game jam, Moon Stealers has you playing as a wizard, who has a magic wand and loves his grandmother. This second point is really important, as you’ve just found out your grandmother has been kidnapped, and you now need to steal moon fragments in order to trade them in to save her! With your magic wand in hand, you can head into a strange, almost construction-seeming universe full of moon fragments.

You can collect these fragments by either running into them or by using your magic wand to shoot into them! However, using your wand will cause a spark that will bounce around the world before going off screen, and if you get hit by the spark you will die and need to restart the level.

Collecting the moon fragments in Moon Stealers will actually change the level. It will add turrets and spikes to the screen, blocking off paths and making it more challenging to get back to the door you came from. These changes to the level are not tied to the individual moons, and instead will happen in a pre-defined order, so you will need to figure out the best moon to collect first. Often, I found myself playing levels more than once, so that I got the hardest to possibly get moon first, that way I didn’t block off the path later with the capturing of another moon.

There are plenty of levels in Moon Stealers to both challenge you and help you find your grandmother. Hopefully, you will be able to save her in time!

Download Moon Stealers Here (Windows)